Friday, June 17, 2016

Make money through AKLAMIO

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One source of free money I found a few months back was Aklamio.  There are 3 ways how you can earn from it. By referral (by referring Aklamio) , by using the Cashbar (you get a certain percentage back if you were to shop via the cashbar, and lastly By recommendation which what I did where I recommended others to sign up and use one of the products being recommended by Aklamio.

Now, before we go any further, I would like to be honest that until this point, I was not  exactly sure how Aklamio made money through this. I got paid and I'm sure they got paid too.

Here is what I did. Of all the recommendations they have I chose PAYPAL. Why? Because its FREE. Now, I've had Paypal way back year 2008. When I signed up in Aklamio, I didn't have to make a new paypal account. I just connected my paypal account account and started recommending paypal to other people--- to the ones who do not have an account yet and to the ones who does and would like to do what I did.. so on so forth...
here is the link by the way.

My theory is that for as long as the person you recommend has a "sending" transaction on their paypal account then you would qualify for a reward.  All rewards goes through Paypal. they are the one who approves.

Here are other shops I recommend:

Western Union:

What is IPRN?

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A few weeks ago, a friend a facebook posted her newfound online opportunity which is IPRN.  And I was like,  duh what is IPRN? So I tried to google and here is what I found:

IPRN stands for International premium rate number.  International premium rate service (IPRS) refers to internationally available telephone-based premium services. It is analogous to "900" or "976" numbers in North America, which always incur a recipient-defined charge in excess of regular call charges. Internationally, this service has been allocated country code +979.

It's vague I know. That's what I feel too. Like I don't understand anything from that Paragraph. But I did try very hard so basically what I gather from that is --these telephone numbers are expensive. If you were to compare it to a text message, these are the type of text messages you send whenever you're voting someone on American Idol or Big Brother wherein the Telco will charge you a big amount (as compare to regular text rates) and that amount will be Divided between the Telco and American Idol or BigBrother.

And there are businesses that usually gets these premium numbers. They have numbers that you may call and if you have the capacity to generate traffic for that number then they will give you commission. It's a good amount of money. But basically the problem here is to find the way on how you can call those numbers at a minimal amount (or free). This friend of mine cashed out 480euro after 2 weeks. wow. If there is anyone out there, who can teach me how to find the way to call those premium numbers. Please do let me know.. (that fb friend won't tell) Ciao!

I'm Back. Again.

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Wow. So now I can login here again. Wow. It feels amazing to be able to read old posts, see old pictures, remember old work at home gigs... Now that I'm literally staying at HOME, I can finally pay attention to blogging. There was a time when I was so passionate about learning how to write. I envy those bloggers who was able to make decent set of followers and they literally make a living out of it. I want to be like that too and more..

Over a year now, I resigned from my full time office-based job, to be able to spend more time with my son and to care for him, cook for him, bring him to school etc. Everything that a mother would like to do as an act of love and service for a child. I want to be like that. There were too many bad decisions I made over the past years, parenting decisions too. I want to correct that and make up for it. Money was not an issue last year as I was able to join a lot of Onpal in the Philippines. Lol :) Made some money. Lost Some too. :( But now, I seriously need an Income! That's why I'm back. :)

I hope if you're reading this, that you will be back sometimes to check on my online earning adventures (and offline too). I'm not the savviest of all beginners but I know, In time I will learn.

God Bless to Us All.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Earn Online From Answering Surveys : Ipanel (With Proof of Payment)

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I've just receive my first payment from Ipanelonline a couple of days ago...

I've been a member of Ipanelonline for more than a year now but I only took it seriously a couple of months ago. I've answered all the required survey about my home, cars, products I'm using etc which gave me approximately 1000 points in total. I tried referring people too which gave me additional 20 points for each referral. I've answered 1 business Survey worth 1500 points until I realized I have enough points for cashout.

I had about 3425 points when I requested for 3x 100PHP cash out. So now I'm back to building up my pints again until I can request atleast another 100PHP.

Here is the screen shot of the payment I received from them

I requested 3x100PHP so yes its approx 7USD. Yey!

I'm just so happy whenever I get paid.... It doesn't happen everyday :)

Oh and before I forget, let me just mention here that I like Ipanel compare to other survey sites because they have lower cashout. And most of the time it only takes 2-3 surveys before cashout. Like I said I had 1 survey before and it was worth 1500 points. So its like its worth 150PHP already.

Come join me in Ipanel! Click Here to sign up

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Free 1,000 PriorityClub Points by answering 17question Survey

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Here is yet another free points from PriorityClub where you can get an easy 1,000 points by answering a very simple (and cute) survey.



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