Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bernard Cajayon: Registered Nurse

Ako 'to... Mommy Ni Gabby at 9:35 AM


My good friend Bern has just passed the Nursing Board Exam todaY! Wow. One in my life, I also wanted to be in that field. I wanted to be a doctor at first, then I realized that it is an expensive course and my parents might not be able to afford it, then as I was growing up, I said to myself that I'd be a nurse, then sometime later, I lost interest because i realized that everything that I've worked hard for during my college days will be nothing if I won't be able to pass the Nursing Board exam. Its like being an accountant who is not a CPA. You are reduced to nothing without those titles attached to your name. There. I am a coward. :) We all have our fears. So... that's one of mine. :)

Tomorrow, we are expecting Bern to treat us all to Lunch. Yum Yum. I heard he's planning on Pancit Lucban (I've tried it once, Its really good), Pizza, and a barbecue.

Busog na naman ang troJans!

Congats Bern! Cheers!



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