Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Work-at-Home Jobs

This is sooo great. I found a list of Work-at-Home companies in the US when I was only researching about www.ccicompany.us, whether they were legit or not, because I don't want them hacking our computer or something, i mean it's not that there are a lot of confidential info here but still i dont want that to happen, wala naman mga financial info na makukuha dito e. Di pa rin kami ganun ka high tech dito sa Pinas.. Pero yung nga, hassle pa rin pag na hacked PC mo di ba?
anyway, have you heard of CCIcompany.us already? I am still doing further research but my gut feel says they're legal. Lol. Or maybe I am just desperate. Any idea? I need help.

By the way, here is the list of the Work-at-Home Companies in the US.

Bateman & Co., Inc. P.C. www.batemanhouston.com (Prefers Texas residents)
StateWide Computerized Tax, Inc. www.1040.com/statewidetax/
Tax Help 911 www.taxhelp911.com
VF Auditmall www.vfauditmall.com (live within a 500 mile radius of Greensboro)
Tada Accounting www.tadaccounting.com
Balance your books www.blanaceyourbooks.com
Tiny Details, www.tinydetails.com
Disciple’s Cross, www.myaffiliateprogram.com/u/cross/t.asp?id=5070
Cottage Industries, www.cotind.com
Magical Gift Co., http://www.magicalgift.com/ - Great BBB Report
The Ideal Craft Company Inc., http://www.idealcraft.com/
Artisan Corporation of America, www.artisancorp.com – Known Scam
Elk Creek Case Company, www.besthomejobs.com
American Home Crafts - http://www.amerhomecraft.qpg.com/
Angel Pin Creations - http://angelpin.net – Very bad BBB Report
Valerie’s Hattery Inc. – www.valerieshattery.tripod.com/index.html
Consolidated Exchange Inc – www.ace.allcustomexotics.com
UExpress - http://www.uexpress.com
A/R Recovery www.arrecovery.com ( Kansas City & surrounding areas)
NorthStar Technologies, Inc. www.Northstargt.com
WebTracer www.webtracer.com
Virtual Agent Marketing www.Virtualagentmarketing.com
1-800-flowers.com - http://ww4.1800flowers.com/template.do?id=template8&page=9000#18
Accolade Support, www.accoladesupport.com/openings.html
ACD Direct, www.ACDdirect.com
Admission Consultants, www.admissionsconsultants.com
Alpine Access, www.AlpineAccess.com (Arizona, Colorado, Texas & Utah)
American Airlines, www.aa.com
Aquaricon - www.aquaricon.com
Arise - www.arise.com
ARO, www.callcenteroptions.com
ASI - http://www.employmentfromhome.net/
Baby to Bee, www.Babytobee.com (send resume to deena@babytobee.com) *Babytobee does not list thier employment opportunities on their website, but regularly recruits via classifed advertising* Just send them an email if you are interested.
Beyond Marketing Online, www.Beyondmarketingonline.com
BRG Research Services, www.brgathome.com/applyhome1.php
CCI – www.ccicompany.us/career1.aspx
Citrix, www.citrix.com
Cloud 10, www.cloud10.com
Connect2Agent, www.Connect2Agent.com
Convergys - http://www.convergysagentanywhere.com/convergys/HAP/HomeAgent.nsf/FAQ?OpenForm
Connect Plus, LLC, www.Connect-dataplus.com
Customer Loyalty Concepts, www.customloyal.com
eCallogy, www.ecallogy.com (Utah Only!)
ESM www.education-sales.net (Colorado Only)
Fonemed – www.fonemed.com - Registered Nurses only
GE - www.gecallcentercareers.com
Greene TeleServices (WA, DC only) www.gteleservices.com
Home Shopping Network - www.hsn.com/corp/jobs/default.aspx?pid=job&jn=006624
JetBlue Airways, www.jetblue.com (Utah )
LiveOps, www.liveops.com
MicahTek, Inc – www.MicahTek.com/jobs.html
National Telecommuting Institute, Inc. - www.nticentral.org – Must have a disability
Niteo Services, Inc., www.niteoservices.com
O'Currance Teleservices, www.ocurrance.com (Utah)
onpoint@home – www.onpointathome.com
RepsForRent, www.repsforrent.com
Secure Call Management, www.sciathome.com
Service 800, www.service800.com
Sterling Testing Systems, www.Sterlingtesting.com
Support Freaks, www.supportfreaks.com
Teletech - https://teletech.com
Thor, www.thor24.com
Time Communications, www.timecommunication.com (St Paul, MN)
Unlimited Conferencing, www.unlimitedconferencing.com
Ver-A-Fast Corporation, www.Verafast.com
VIPdesk, www.Vipdesk.com
VoiceLog, www.Voicelog.com
West at Home, www.Workathomeagents.com
Willow, www.Willowcsn.com
Working Solutions, www.Workingsol.com
XAct Telesolutions, www.Xactservices.com
Amazon, - www.mturk.com
Axion Data Services, www.Axiondata.com
Continental promotional Group Inc., www.cpginc.com, – Scottsdale, AZ only
Continental Promotion Group Inc, www.cpginc.com, – Welland, Ontario Area only
CyberSecretaries, http://typist.youdictate.com
DionData Services, www.Angelfire.com/ia3/diondataservices/joblistings.html
Giving Answers LLC, www.givinganswers.com
Keyers Online – www.keyersonline.com
OnSite E-Discovery, www.Onss.com
Palm Coast Data, http://home.palmcoastd.com/pcd/pcdwebsite/pcd_careers_jobs_home.htm - Palm Coast Area
About www.About.com
Elance - www.elance.com
Just Answer - www.justanswer.com/expert.aspx
Kasamba Expert Advice www.Kasamba.com
Remote Work Management: http://www.remote-work.com/fx.remotework/scheme/default.aspx
SaveFinder - www.savefinder.com
CafePress www.cafepress.com
ClickNWork www.clicknwork.com
Face The World- http://www.facetheworld.org/jobop.html
From Nature with Love - http://www.fromnaturewithlove.com/jobs/onlinecommunitycoordinator.asp
Crossroad Financial Services LLC, www.crossroadfinancial.com
Nationwide Loan Processing, www.loanprocessor.org
NetBranch.com, www.Loanofficer.com
NLC National Lending Corporation, www.mynlc.com
Tri-Bay Financial Group, www.tri-bay.com
A&W Medical Transcription Service, www.awmedtranscription.com/contact_us
AllTranscription.com, www.alltranscription.com/careers.html
Amphion Medical - www.amphionmedical.com
Arkees Incorporated, www.askmthouse.com/join.htm
Ascend Healthcare Sysems, www.ascendhealthcare.com/employment.htm
Avaz MD, www.avazgroupllc.com/s2/careers01.html
Bestscribe Transcription, www.bestscribe.net
Brown & Meyers, www.brownmeyers.com/contact.shtml
Crain’s Diversified Services, www.crainsservice.com
CRS Transcription, www.freewebs.com/crstranscription.com
Datakey MT, www.datakeymt.com
Davies Transcription Service, www.davmarpad.com
The Doctor’s Note, www.thedoctorsnote.net
Eagle’s Landing Transcription Service, www.elts.net
Effiscribe, www.effiscribe.com
Emdat, www.emdat.com
Emtex, www.emtex.be
Express Document, www.expressdocument.net
Global Med Data, www.globalmeddata.net/new/default.asap
LamCo Medical Transcription, www.angelfire.com/mn3/lamco/index.html
Management Support Services Inc, www.mssitrans.com
Medical Scribe Consultants LLC, www.medicalscribeconsultants.com
Medical Transcription, www.medicaltranscription.org
Medical Transcription Company, www.themedicaltranscriptioncompany.com
Medico Trans, www.medicotrans.com
MedRec Resources LLC, www.medrecresources.com
MedScribe, www.medscribellc.com
MedWare, www.$sitepreview/medwaremt.com/career.asp
Medword mecical Transcription, www.medword.com
MxSecure Inc, www.mxsecure.com
NetDictation, www.netdictation.com
NTS Transcriptions, www.medical-typing.com.au
Oracle Transcription Inc, www.oracleti.com
Perfect Transcription LLC, www.perfecttranscription.com
Perfect Word Processing Inc., www.pwp-mt.com
Preferred Physician’s Transcription Inc, www.preferredtranscription.com
Professional Medical Services, www.professionalmedicalservices.org
Rapid Transcript, www.rapidtranscript.com
Serviss Transcription, www.servisstranscription.com
SmartDocs, www.smartdocs.com.au
Sten-Tel, www.sten-tel.com
Taurus Data Links Pvt. Ltd., www.taurusdatalinks.com
Transcend Services, www.transcendservices.com
Transcription Tree, www.transcriptiontree.com
Transmed, www.medicalscribes.com
UK Typing, www.uktyping.com
Viva Medical Transcription Services, www.vivacorporation.com
WaveScribe, www.wavescribe.com/home.htm
WHIN On Time Transcription, www.whin.net.educational/transcription.html
Worldtech Medical Technology Services, www.worldtechusa.com
ZyDoc, www.zydoc.com
eJury.com, www.ejury.com
Online Verdict.com, www.onlineverdict.com
Trial Practices Inc., www.trialpractice.com
ZapJury, www.zapjury.com
Ad- Wraps, www.ad-wraps.co.uk
Ads On Cars, www.adsoncars.com
Ads To Go, www.adstogo.ca
Ads2go LLC, www.ads2go.com
ADSmart, www.adsmartoutdoor.com
ADWraps, www.ad-wraps.com
Auto Car Wraps, www.autocarwraps.com
AutoBoards, www.autoboards.co.uk
AutoMurals, www.automurals.com
Autowrapped, www.autowrapped.com
Car Wraps, www.advercarzing.com
DrivingPromotions, www.drivingpromotions.com
Free Car, http://drivers.freecarmedia.com
Get Paid to Drive.com, www.getpaidtodrive.com
Vista Motion, www.vistamotion.com
PostOnMyForum, www.postonmyforum.com
Site Buildup, www.sitebuildup.com
Forum Eleves, www.forumelves.com
Paid Posts, www.paidposts.com
Forum Launch, www.forumlaunch.com
Entice Cash, http://www.enticecash.com/signup.php?refer=eval1061&trainer=1164
Adult Staffing Ink., www.adultstaffing.com
Papillon Agency, www.Papillonagency.com
PhoneActress, www.phoneactress.com
PhoneActresses, www.phoneactresses.com
Phone Jobs, www.wecanhireyou.com
Absolutely Psychic, www.absolutelypsychic.com
Keen, www.keen.com
The Psychic Connection, www.thepsychicconnection.com

Enid Chesterfield & Company, www.enidchesterfield.com
ESG Consulting, www.ESGConsulting.com
Nanny Brokers, www.Nannybrokers.com, To apply: email resume to Admin@Nannybrokers.com with "Nanny Recruiter" in subject line.
PioneerStaffing, www.pioneerstaffing.com
Really Care LLC., www.reallycare.com
Judge Mathis, http://judgemathistv.warnerbros.com
Nation Search, www.nationsearch.com
Record Search America Inc, www.researchforyou.com
Sunlark Research, www.sunlarkrsearch.com
A&A Merchandising Ltd. - www.aamerch.com/
A Closer Look, Inc.- www.a-closer-look.com/
A & M Business Services - www.ambussvcs.com
A Step Above Service Evaluations - www.serviceevaluations.com/
A Top Shop - www.atopshop.com/
AboutFace – www.aboutfacecorp.com
Acra, Inc.- www.secretshopacra.com/ ----A Lot of California shops
Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd.- www.ishopforyou.com/
Associate Consumer Evaluations - www.acemysteryshopping.com/
Amusement Advantage - www.amusementadvantage.com/
Anonymous Insights - www.a-insights.com/
Anonymous Shoppers & Assessments of Pittsburgh - www.asapittsburgh.com/
Apartment Shoppe - www.apartmentmysteryshopper.com/
Ardent Services - www.ardentservices.com/
Assure Quality Systems - www.aqsshopper.com/
At Your Service Marketing - www.aysm.com/
Bare Associates International - www.baiservices.com/
Barry Leeds & Associates - www.barryleedsassoc.com/
Best Mark - www.bestmark.com/
Bevinco www.bevinco.com
Beyond Hello - www.beyondhello.com/
Beyond Marketing Group - www.beyondmarketinggroup.com/
Business Evaluation Services - www.mysteryshopperservices.com/
BMA Mystery Shopping Services - www.mystery-shopping.com/
Business Insights Group - www.businessinsights.com/
Byers Choice Inc - www.byerschoiceinc.com/
California Marketing Specialists - www.sassieshop.com/2californiamarketing/index.norm.php
Campus Consulting - www.shopaudits.com/
Capstone Research - www.capstoneresearch.com/
Certified Reports, Inc.- www.certifiedreports.com/
Check-Up Marketing - www.checkupmarketing.com/
Cirrus Marketing Consultanat - www.cirrusmktg.com/
CKA Group, Inc.- www.ckagroup.com/
Confero The Service Resources Group - www.conferoinc.com/
Consumer Critique, Inc - www.consumercritique.com/
Consumer Impressions - www.consumerimpressions.com/
Consumer Research Group - www.crg2000.com/
Corporate Research International - www.mysteryshops.com/
Count on Us - www.ucountonus.com/
Coyle Hospitality Group - www.qualityaudit.com/
creative image --http://www.creativeimage.net/
Cross Financial Group - www.crossfinancial.com/
Customer 1st - www.consumer-1st.com/
Customer Perspectives - www.customerperspectives.com/
Customer Service Experts, Inc.- www.customerserviceexperts.com/
Customer Service Perceptions - www.csperceptions.com/
CustomeriZe. Inc. - www.customerize.com
CV Marketing Research Inc.- www.cv-market.com/
Data Quest, Ltd.- www.dataquestonline.com/
Datatron - www.usd-datatron.com/
David Sparks & Associates - www.sparksresearch.com/
DSG Associates - www.dsgai.com/
Eyes R Us, Inc.- www.eyesrusinc.com/
Feedback Plus Inc. - www.feedbackplus.com/
Focus on Service - www.focusonservice.com/
Franchise Compliance, Inc - www.franchisecompliance.com/
Full Scope Mystery Shopping - www.fullscopemysteryshopping.com/
Global Compliance Services - www.gcsresearch.com/shops/login.asp
Goodwin and Associates Hospitality Services, LLC - www.goodwin-associates.com/hospitalityrecruitment/index.html
Grantham, Orilio & Associates - www.goashoppers.com/
Graymark Security Group - www.graymarksecurity.com/
Green & Associates - www.greenandassociates.com/
Greet America, Inc.- www.greetamerica.com/
Harris Teeter - www.sassieshop.com/2harristeeter/index.norm.php
Hilli Dunlap Enterprises - www.dunlapenterprises.com/
Howard Services Service Sleuths - www.howardservices.com/homess.html
ICC / Decision Services - www.iccds.com
Imaginus - www.imaginusinc.com/
imyst - www.imyst.com/
Infinity Assurance Group - www.infinityag.com/
Informa Research Services - www.informars.com
Infotel - www.infotelinc.com/
Instant Reply - www.mysteryshopservices.com/
IntelliShop - www.intelli-shop.com/
J M Ridgway Company - www.jmridgway.com/
Jack's Mystery Guest - www.jacksguest.com/
Jancyn Evaluation Shops - www.jancyn.com/
JC & Associates - www.jcandassociates.com/
Ken-Rich Retail Group - www.ken-rich.com/
LeBlanc & Associates - www.mleblanc.com/
Locksley Group Ltd. - www.locksleygroupltd.com/
Maritz Research - www.virtuoso.maritzresearch.com/
Marketing Endeavors, LLC - www.marketingendeavors.biz
Marketing Systems Unlimited - msultd.com/
Mar's Surveys - www.marsresearch.com/
Market Viewpoint - www.marketviewpoint.com/
Mass Connections - massconnections.com/
Melinda Brody and Company - www.melindabrody.com/
Mercantile Systems and Surveys - www.mercsurveys.com/
Merchandise Concepts - www.merchandiseconcepts.com/
Muscle Marketing - gigi@ix.netcom.com
Michelson & Associates - www.michelson.com/
Mosaic InfoForce - www.mosaic-infoforce.com/
Mystery Guest, Inc - www.mysteryguestinc.com/
Mystery Shoppers - www.mystery-shoppers.com/
Mystique Shopper - www.mystiqueshopper.com/
National Shopping Service Network, LLC - www.mysteryshopper.net/
Nationwide Services Group, Inc - www.nationwidesg.com/
Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants - www.nwlpc.com/
NOP World Mystery Shopping (RoperNOP) - www.cybershoppersonline.com/
Nsite Inc - www.nsiteinc.com
Orilio & Associates - www.sassieshop.com/2goa/index.norm.php
Pacific Research Group - www.pacificresearchgroup.com/
The Pat Henry Group - www.thepathenrygroup.com/
Perfect Performance - perfectperform@aol.com
The Performance Edge - www.pedge.com/
Person to Person Quality - persontopersonquality.com/
Petro Truck Stops - www.petrotruckstops.com/
Premier Service Consulting - www.premierservice.ca/
Promotion Network, Inc. - www.promotionnetworkinc.com/
PROS Professional Review & Operational Shoppes, Inc. - www.proreview.com/
PulseBack - www.pulseback.com/
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, Inc. - www.qams.com/
Quality Assurance Consulting - www.qacinc.com/
Quality Insurance Inspection Specialists - www.qsispecialists.com/
Quality Shopper - www.qualityshopper.org
QualityWorks Associates - www.qualityworks.com/
Quest for Best - www.questforbest.com/
Reality Check Mystery Shoppers - www.rcmysteryshopper.com/
Reflections -
Rentrak Mystery Shopping - http://ms.rentrak.com/
Restaurant Cops LLC - www.restaurant-cops.com/
Restaurant Evaluators - www.restaurantevaluators.com/
Retail Eyes - www.retaileyes.com/2006/us/home/retaileyes_aboutus.php
Rickie Kruh Research and Marketing Group - www.rkrmg.com/
Ritter & Associates - www.ritterandassociates.com/
Rocky Mountain Merchandising - www.rockymm.com/
Reality Quality Assurance - www.rqa-inc.com/
Satisfaction Services - www.satisfactionservicesinc.com/
Second to None - www.second-to-none.com/
Secret Shopping Services - www.secretshoppingservices.com/
Sensors Quality Managements - www.sqm.ca/
Service Advantage International - www.servad.com/
Service Alliance - www.serviceallianceinc.com/
Service Check - www.servicecheck.com/
Service Evaluation Concepts - www.serviceevaluation.com/
Service Excellence Group - www.mysteryshopsplus.com/
Service Impressions - www.serviceimpressions.com/
Service Intelligence Secret Shop Net - www.secretshopnet.com/
Service Performance Group - www.spgweb.com/
ServiceProbe - www.pwgroup.com/sprobe/
The Service Quality Department - www.service-quality.com/
Service Research Corporation - serviceresearch.com/
ServiceSense - www.servicesense.com/
Service Sleuths by Howard Roberts - www.howardservices.com/homess.html
Service Solutions, Inc. - http://www.servicesolutionsi.com
ServiceTRAC - www.servicetrac.com/
SG Marketing - www.sgmarketing.com/
The Shadow Agency - www.theshadowagency.com
Shop’n Check Worldwide – www.shopncheck.com
Shoptalk Service Evaluations – www.shoptalkservice.com
Shoppers, Inc. - www.shopperjobs.com/
Shoppers Critique International – www.shopperscritique.com
Shoppers View – www.shoppersview.com
Sights on Service - www.secretshopper.com/
Sinclair Service Assessments - www.ssanet.com/
The Soloman Group - www.thesolomongroup.com/
Speedmark Information Services - www.speedmarkweb.com/
Spies in Disguise - spiesindisguise.com/
Superior Product Pickup Service – recruiting@productpickup.com
TNS Intersearch - www.intersearch.tnsofres.com/
TES/Rapid Chek - www.rapidchek.com/
Texas Shoppers Network - www.texasshoppersnetwork.com/
Trend Source - www.trendsource.com/
Video Eyes - www.videoeyes.net/
Wal-Mart – www.walmart.com/cservice/ca_research.gsp?NavMode=8
Zellman Group – www.zellmangroup.com
A-1 Tutor - www.a1tutor.com
Berlitz - www.berlitz.us
Brainfuse - www.brainfuse.com
Coursebridge - www.coursebridge.com
Creating Careers - www.creatingcareers.com
ehill - www.ehill.org
eSylvan - www.esylvan.com
Kidspan - www.kidspan.com
Onlinelearning - www.onlinelearning.net
Smartthinking - www.smartthinking.com
Thinkwell Corp. - http://www.2learn.org/instructors.html
Tutor.com - http://www.tutor.com/
Tutors Teach - www.tutorsteach.com
Universalclass - www.universalclass.com
Access Ability USA – www.access-ability-usa.net
ASI - http://www.flutternet.com/flutternet/pages/careers.htm
Blue Zebra - www.bluezebra.com
Brighten Communications - www.brightenemployment.com
Christian Home Advertising - www.christianhomeadvertising.com
Class USA - www.class-usa.com
Discontinued Item - www.discontinueditem.com
Eagle Productions - www.eagleproductions.net
Global Safe Technologies, Inc. - www.safesolution.com
GPHoffice - www.gphoffice.com
Grindstone - www.grindstone.com
Health Services - www.healthsvc.com
Hot Point Marketing - www.hotpointmarketing.com
Intelemark – www.Intelemark.com
Intrep - www.intrep.com
Kardel Telemarketing Services – www.kardelmarketing.com
Knowledge Anywhere – www.knowledgeanywhere.com
NewTarget - www.new-target.com
OPK Telemarketing – www.opktelemarketing.com
Rich Enterprises, Inc. - http://www.richworldwide.com/careers.htm
Special Data Processing – www.specialdata.com
Synergroup Systems – www.synergroup.com
Telereachjobs - www.telereachjobs.com
The Strategic Media Group - www.thestrategicmediagroup.com
Trigger Touch- http://www.triggertouch.com/html/jobs.html
Vending Placement - www.vendingplacement.com
Virtual Tour Usa.- www.virtualtourusa.com
Your Town Community Guide - www.ytcg.com
Box 69. - www.box-69.com
Evoke Chat - email: Jo@evokechat.co.uk
Jet Text - email: info@jetnetting.com
LST - email: info@livesextext.com
NOGoats - email: Giz@nogoats.com
Papillion - http://www.papillonagency.com/
Stream Group - text.op.help@streamgroup.co.uk
Telework Central - www.teleworkcentral.com/
Text 121 - http://www.text121chat.com/jobs.htm
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Medquist - www.medquist.com
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MTjobs - www.mtjobs.com
Mulberry Studio - www.mulberrystudio.com/jobs.htm
NDR - www.ndr-inc.com
Neal R. Gross – www.nealrgross.com
Net Transcripts - http://www.nettranscripts.com/nt_employment.htm
New England Legal Transcription – www.geocities.com/nelegaltranscription.com
Onsite3- http://www.onss.com/
OSI- Transcription - www.ositranscription.com
Production Transcripts - www.productiontranscripts.com
Purple Shark Transcriptions- http://www.purpleshark.net/pstwork.htm
Rapidtext - www.rapidtext.com
Regal Transcription Company – www.regaltrans.com
RTO stat - www.rtostat.com
Scribes – www.scrivetrans.com/employ.html
Spectra Medi - www.spectramedi.com
Start Script – www.startscript.com
Steno Scripts – www.stenoscripts.com
Talk 2 Type - www.talk2type.net
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The Back Suite Corporation- http://thebacksuite.com
The Transcription Agency – www.thetrascriptionagency.com
The transcription Company – www.trascripts.net
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Trans Health - www.transhealth.com
Transcend Services - www.transcendservices.com
Transcription 2000 - www.transcription-services.org/support.html
Transcription Service, Inc - www.tsitranscripts.com/careers.html
Type Write Transcription - www.typewp.com
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United Tran - www.unitedtran.com
Vitac - www.vitac.com
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World Wide Dictation – www.worldwidedictation.com

Accurapid Translations - http://accurapid.com
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Affordable Translations- www.affordabletranslations.com
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