Friday, February 1, 2008

Coffee Prince OST

Ako 'to... Mommy Ni Gabby at 11:23 PM
i have some coffee prince songs downloaded to my mp3. hehe. omg. when will it ever stop?!?!?

here are some songs on the list:

Lalala, it's love

White love story

Coffee han jan Uh ddae

Go go eun chan!

Coffee hyang sul re im

For a while


Bada yuh haeng***han sung version

Haet sal han jo gak


Al kong dal kong

Ba da yun haeng

Double shot

Joh eun gi uk

Ba da yun haeng***piano verion

Gogo chan***broadcast version

they said music is universal. i may not be able to understand the message of the song word by word by then i still can feel it. all the more if you've watched the series where it was used. Danda! :)

OST source here


carpediem said...

Thanks Pia for dropping by my blog. Yes I love Coffe Prince! Addicted to it :)


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