Friday, February 1, 2008


As you can see i haven't been posting anything for the past weeks.. i was just kind of wasn't in the mood for that. there were some ideas but before i could turn on the computer i'd be losing interest typing.. **sigh**

what is happening?!?! :)

maybe i was just too busy watching videos online :) i got so hooked on CP you know.. anyway it's really good so there is nothing wrong with that.. if you're feeling down and you feel like you want to smile but you can't or you have no reason to smile about, then watch it, then you'll just find your self smiling later. i really liked it, it's very rare to have found a mini series that will have a dreamy feeling afterwards. it was so light. easy. it's not something that will get you emotionally tired. all the characters were bubbly, and what i really liked about it was that there was no antogonist in the series. everyone liked each other. they all care for each other. me likes it so much.

oh hey, anyone here who knows any work-from-home job? like data entry, or something na applicable here in the Philippines? Aish! me feels like i have to work extra harder...

if you have any idea pls pls share it with me.

i'd really appreaciate that. thanks in advance!

1 comment:

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha. it seemed like you're really hooked in cp.



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