Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Be brave little boy from China

Ako 'to... Mommy Ni Gabby at 10:42 PM
I'm on my break now and I just passed by this news on yahoo . I just read it because I heard about it on TV the other night. Watching video is prohibited here but since no one is looking, i though I should watch it.
How I wish I DIDN'T. I couldn't even finish the video. I'm a mother. And parang dinudurog ang puso ko sa nakita ko. I could kill the driver. My hands are cold right now, I couldn't get the image off my mind. That's why I pray to God to keep my Son safe and healthy. Always.

I pray to God that the child involve in this tragedy will miraculously survive. He's just a little boy... Look what recklessness can do. He's just an innocent  little boy... Please be brave little one. We're all praying for your fast recovery.



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