Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm Back

I've been procrastinating here for a long time I know. But I'm quite inspired to revive my blog now. Most especially now that I'm aiming to work out my adsense. I reallized that blogging can be really rewarding. Now I know for a fact that  a lot of people earn a living from blogging. But I'm talking about people like me who is not so much into techie stuff. I just happened to be using blogger so I easily figured it out.

And just to update you (not that you care about what is happening in my life) of what has happened to me in the past two years. I went out and went in, in a relationship. Got pregnant (yes and he was not unplanned at all) and now my son is 1yr and 3mos old.

Isn't he the cutest?

His Papa and I aren't married yet. He sometimes bring up topics about getting married but I'm actually not ready for it yet. I'm just so scared to be tied to a person that way. I'm used to getting what I want and being married to someone somehow makes me unable to breathe freely. I just don't like the idea that someone would have a power over me that way. Or maybe I'm just not ready for that kind of commitment with the father of my son. This is just not the right time. maybe someday when we are both more mature cos right now, to be honest we're just a bit messed up sometimes. We just can't seem to outgrow our selfish attitude. Most of the time we're OK but still not ready for it. Having a child under your care is totally different from getting yourself get hitched.

And now,  me and my officemate Mai are venturing into reselling tops, dresses, shoes, bags and other stuff we find cute and useful. Aw! :) We just thought that we might as well take advantage of the Holiday season to make extra bucks.

So there, Life is hard but getting by. That cute little guy is my sole inspiration to better our way of living. I just couldn't express how  i love him so much.  He is my source of joy and my reason for living now.

Life is hard but I'm gonna brave everything in order to give my son everything that he needs.

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