Friday, April 29, 2011

Earn from home by using a FACEBOOK APPLICATION

Guys this is our chance to use facebook and convert those hours online we've spent into $$$$.

Just imagine how many hours we've spent online using facebook. Did facebook ever pay us by using them? How long did we stay online playing farmville? Cafeworld? Unimaginable. Now is the the time to convert those hours by using a new application called Cloudcrowd.

There are a wide variety of works available for workers to do including translation, online researching, singing, data entry, and writing and editing.

Just click here and login with your facebook login and password. and your Done.

Next step is to see what are the available work that day you can work on

Select the "Available Work" tab and look for available work under "Projects."

Payment is through Paypal. And the good thing is they pay on the next business day that your work is approved!


sharmila said...

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Phing Seo said...

Really?if this is true we can earn a lot of money by using facebook application! Also, you can apply this to farmville. For more info visit

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