Monday, June 4, 2012

The Patrimonios on Gandang Gabi Vice

Ako 'to... Mommy Ni Gabby at 12:10 AM

It's so nice seeing Tin again. 

The episode of Gandang Gabu Vice lastnight was so darn funny. Espesially, Sen. Jinggoys Ep. This Video is only a teaser. Too bad I couldnt find anything else in youtube for lastnight's Ep. Tin was pretty as always,however.. yeah there is the word however. 

However, I didn't like her Hair and Make-up. In my opinion she was too made up for a laid-back show like Gandang Gabi Vice. And she looks so much more beautiful with less make-up. Soo nice to see her together with her Dad, Alvin Patrimonio. I can honestly feel that they are actually close. And clarisse was also with them singing Acapella. I was hoping though that the brother would also be there as I haven't seen him on TV yet. Id love to see the entire family together! That would be awesome. Tin is prettier than clarisse but I think clarisse is a cool gal. Tin has always been pretty since they were little anyway, so that's not news anymore. 

Angeline  Quinto was beatiful lastnight with her simplicity, I would even think that she was on her pambahay lastnight. :) No seriously, I think she was pretty last night. Even more pretty than when I see her in ASAP. SIDENOTE: pardon for the redundancy. I didn't know I said too many lastnights here. Sorry. I didn't sleep well lastnight. oww. grr sorry! :)



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