Monday, June 4, 2012

The Patrimonios on Gandang Gabi Vice

It's so nice seeing Tin again. 

The episode of Gandang Gabu Vice lastnight was so darn funny. Espesially, Sen. Jinggoys Ep. This Video is only a teaser. Too bad I couldnt find anything else in youtube for lastnight's Ep. Tin was pretty as always,however.. yeah there is the word however. 

However, I didn't like her Hair and Make-up. In my opinion she was too made up for a laid-back show like Gandang Gabi Vice. And she looks so much more beautiful with less make-up. Soo nice to see her together with her Dad, Alvin Patrimonio. I can honestly feel that they are actually close. And clarisse was also with them singing Acapella. I was hoping though that the brother would also be there as I haven't seen him on TV yet. Id love to see the entire family together! That would be awesome. Tin is prettier than clarisse but I think clarisse is a cool gal. Tin has always been pretty since they were little anyway, so that's not news anymore. 

Angeline  Quinto was beatiful lastnight with her simplicity, I would even think that she was on her pambahay lastnight. :) No seriously, I think she was pretty last night. Even more pretty than when I see her in ASAP. SIDENOTE: pardon for the redundancy. I didn't know I said too many lastnights here. Sorry. I didn't sleep well lastnight. oww. grr sorry! :)

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