Thursday, October 25, 2007

excuse my french

finally i mgot myself a copy of sherbrooke bride. any idea what sherbrooke bride is? its a book. its actually a novel written by catherine actually trying to colect her books. and i guess the bride seriies is actually one of the hard to find books... next to song series ofcourse! i have read all four actually but i have not a copy of any one of them. too bad.

french language was actually quite a big part of sherbrooke bride. i've learned one french word which i find very easy to pronounce and remember... I had no idea what the french word "MERDE" meant in english and i thought it was someting that insinuates love or romance, but mt expectaion felled me when i tried to look it up on the dictionay. merde is being translated in english as the expression "shit!" i had no idea. good thing is, merde doesn't sound like a shit to me. hehe. not everyone understands the french language. when you're mad at someone, but you don't want to offend them. you tell them merde. *wink*

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