Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tin Patrimonio for the BIG Winner!!!!!

BB TIN!!! ONE VOTE per SIM PER DAY. Utang na loob, VOTE FOR TIN!!! ITODO NYO NA!!! BB TIN send to 2331 Globe/TM/SUN or 231 for Smart/TNT.

Originally Posted by naupaka02 from PEX

This is the first time that I will be posting 'coz I feel for the Patrimonios. I am a mom. Seeing your daughter berated and debased is the deepest pain that any loving parent could feel. All the more that it's magnified on national TV and online. And the bashing and insults coming from whom? FROM PEOPLE WHO DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU—MGA WALANG KARAPATAN.

I admire the Patrimonios for their wonderful parenting. The way Christine acts and reacts in the PBB house reflects this. We watch the PT and LS when we're not at work (nights and weekends) so nakikita namin ang GANAP ng mga HMs. What parent wouldn't admire Christine? Kung me anak ka gusto mo katulad niya – marespeto, masipag, masinop, masigasig at masayahin. She cooks or helps prepare food, cleans the house, and keeps her stuff neat and organized. She is very thorough pa, one time after wiping the dining table(dito ako tuwang-tuwa), inamoy-amoy pa niya kasi ayaw niya ng mabaho o me naiiwan na amoy. She eats left-overs kasi ayaw niyang me nasasayang (turo daw yun ng parents niya). Hindi sya maarte sa pagkain. She doesn't complain. Me sariling palo. Marunong makinig. Tahimik pero me ginagawa. Nag-iisip bago magsalita. AT hindi nakakabulahaw ng bahay at ng kapitbahay. These are SIMPLE ACTS and ATTITUDES that we honestly WANT OUR KIDS TO EMULATE. IF THIS IS NOT GOOD ROLE MODELLING, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. That is why, I don't understand Rica's point in saying that Christine is not a good role model.

PBB is deplorable. Bringing in former HMs who have axe to grind or with "not so nice" reputations. Evictees whose concepts of pagpapakatotoo is to react in an exaggerated level sa kung ano ang binabato sa iyo. Kung inalipusta ka, mang-alipusta ka rin; kung sigawan ka, sigawan mo rin; kung inaaway ka, awayin at sagot-sagutin mo at kung malakas ang boses, mas lakasan mo pa ang boses mo. Ganyan na ba ang pag-uugali dyan sa Pilipinas? Ganyan na ba ang gusto nating tularan ng ating mga anak? Pagpapakatotoo is knowing and showing who and what you are. Pagkakatotoo is being comfortable in what you're doing. You don't twist the core values that your parents instilled in you just to satisfy what others label as "pagpapakatotoo" . I am disappointed with ABS-CBN because they allow PBB to do this. We are TFC subscribers and I am upset because the only TV channel which we're hoping to help us educate our children about Filipino culture and values--make them appreciate and be proud of their Filipino roots, is sending wrong signals. Our children are getting negative feelings. Seeing those loudmouths bullying and shouting at the HMs, my nine year-old girl would cringe and say "people in the Philippines are so MEAN, mama".

Christine Patrimonio is a smart girl. She is a critical thinker, a very good observer. She may not be that vocal but her one-liners are "bombs". She often ignored or laughed at what the M5 's did and now Beauty and Baron are doing because she knows that they're only doing a task that BB asked them to do. Exaggerated and bad acting pa kaya sino ang di matatawa. Christine has reached a certain level of maturity (mataas ang EQ) that she is able to psych her mind and control her emotions. A superb athlete. Like her dad, she is lionhearted. SHE'S A WINNER!!!

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