Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Get Paid to Post: LinkVehicle

First, I didn't have any plans of blogging about since I haven't earned enough money yet from them so far. But after checking through my emails, I also realized that I should atleast make a post about it just to inform a lot of people with it's existence. Not that I would be the only source of Info about LV, but I've noticed that this is not quite popular among many bloggers.

What actually got me to post about them is their initiative to send me the payment without me asking for it. Imagine my surprise when I received this on my paypal account. I'm not used to receiving compensation since I've stopped blogging for a long long time. I regret it actually because, my blog even had PR3 back then, I didn't know what it was, what it meant, or the value that it carry. I went on a long hiatus until I forgot everything about blogging.

Fortunately, I still have my gmail account where my blog is connected to.  Just a few months ago started blogging again, painfully slow this time, as I rarely have time alone for myself and for stuff like this... you know internet, facebook, etc.

Anyways, back to LV. 

With LV, well first of all this is just like those other get paid to review sites. You'll get assignment. You make the post/article/review with the text that they want you to include, and the URL where it will be landing to.  Stuff like that... So far as I know, as a blogger you get to earn two ways. That is by doing the "get paid to review" type of post and by having a textlink ads on your sidebar. 

The first payment I received from them was $4.58

The $4.50 of which is from the post I made. and the $.08?!? I had no idea too! :)

but hold on, after going through their website for like a thousand times, I figured that the $.08 was for the text link that I put on for 1 day (as of the day of payment).

The only downside of LV is actually their very userfrienly website. Yes. Their website. I don't know if it's bad or good or what not, I got paid for the work I've done and I think that's what's important---- SO FAR. 

Then came 1st week of june, my sister was like "Pia, you recieved a paypal payment from linkreferral, i opened your email earlier and I saw it came on your inbox" . 

and I was like : Linkreferral??? really??? what for?

and then I login and saw this...

I knew it wasn't from linkreferral. My sister...

There they sent me $2.25 on June 1 -- I read somewhere that they send out payment every 1st of the month if you have accumulated $10 atleast. Now I'm confused. But then again what's important is that they sent me what is rightfully mine..

The 2.25 they sent me was for the toplink I have on my blog. The toplink's been there for about 15 days already and I think I earn about $.07/day just for putting it up on the side bar.

To date, since june 1, I have earned about $.42 already. It's actually very nice, that I get to earn no matter how little when I'm not even doing anything anymore. Nice Idea LV!!!!!

 This is how LV define toplink:

A TopLink is a link from your homepage to a review's permalink. TopLinks help publishers realize ongoing income for reviews, while providing advertisers with continuous SEO value.
When an advertiser buys a review from the LinkVehicle marketplace, they can upgrade to a TopLink if the website is a participant. You will be paid normally for the review, but will then continue to receive half that amount every month that the TopLink runs. This is an internal link, so it won't count against your outgoing links for SEO purposes. TopLinks will help you convert the one-time income from writing reviews into an ongoing source of revenue.

Again, the downside is their website. It's very hard to understand and to navigate. You really would get confused if you're doing the right thing or not, GOODTHING is they have efficient customer service. They respond to email inquiries promptly and was very kind in addessing issues,no matter how simple or stupid it may be. Take it from me. Lol. :)

You may join me with LV and see how ti goes. Click here to register.

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