Friday, September 14, 2012

Cloudcrowd Proof of Payment

Recently I find a hard time blogging again, since I could no longer access my blogs from my office. But I just check my paypal account and I'm actually surprised that I got paid by cloudcrowd immediately. And I mean the day after. That fast.

To top it all, I didn't do any works at all. I just refer people. Although when I joined CC before, It was to make money from home. My intention was really to starting having online job so i can quit my office job. But along the way I lost track of cloudcrowd. To be more honest I didn't really take it seriously, but I was surprised that I keep getting payments on my paypal account. Day after day.

Then when I checked further a found out that the ones I reffered to cloudcrowd referred people too. And those people they referred (my 2nd level) are actually really working it out.What's not to like? These are short assignmnents kind of work. And when you're done you get your payment the following day. In the same manner that I get my commission the same exact time. My commision are in Cents. I'M SOO NOT COMPLAINING.  Infact, I'm soo happy that I'm getting it all for free.

Here is my Paypal screenshot of some of the payments. I have started receiving payments June 2012. But this image onlyincludes payments from August-Present.

These payments are all just commission.

Now, I'm more interested to work and start getting assignments too.

You may want to give this a shot also. Cloudcrowd is a facebook application. So by signing up, you will need your facebook login info. I's the same thing with playing farmville or Gardenville, Gardens of Time Etc.

Atleast with cloudcrowd, we get to earn real money.

Click here to get the Cloudcrowd Facebook App.

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Samantha Justine Zamora said...

i tried cloudcrowd before, pero masyadong matrabaho for me. You're salary would depend on the amount of work and the price na they are offering per project.

I do work at home online, pero it's a permanent gig. I guess depende di talaga what you're looking for. If you want freelance na hawak mo oras mo, then cloudcrowd is nice.

pero if you want a job na may regular na sweldo, it's still better to have an employer to work for. :P

(following you now via GFC feel free to follow back... ^^)

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