Thursday, December 20, 2007

My friend mai's wedding

I haven't attended a wedding for a long time now, and i realized that its very refreshing seeing someone you know getting married to the person she really loves. I was thinking that there are only few couples nowadays who get married for the right reasons . I mean I've know a lot of people who got married simply because the girl got pregnant by accident, or there are just some who simply don't want to get married but is also good as being a husband and a wife.

The wedding was set to start at 3pm in Malabon where the groom lives. We we're a bit late but we still saw her walked down the isle. Seeing her... being there... witnessing the ceremony... it was a new experience to me. Funny, but me and my friend Alice were teary eyed as we were watching her walking slowly toward the altar all the way to her married life... I'm so happy and so proud of Mai.

from left, down: shan, ivy, shei, me, shai, alice
standing up from left: dycen, the bride (mai), the groom (norence) and TM jan

She has taken the path, few people have been taking lately (i just noticed). Finding yourself a man is hard enough. Finding the RIGHT man is even more harder (i guess it's because there's just only few of them). I guess it's my being romantic which made me almost cry earlier, and i guess I'm just really happy for her.

I really hope that their union will last for eternity. All the best for Mai and Norence!

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