Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Best of coffee prince

i have just recently signed up to youtube, crunchyroll, dailymotion, oh well, i am a member of veoh since early 2007 because they had that video about the amezcua biodisc. But anyway, the reason why i signed up for youtube, crunchyroll and dailymotion was because they have a lot of videos about coffee prince. I'd say so far that crunchyroll has the nicest and concise of them all although not all eps are uploaded yet, but it is orderly arranged by episodes so you'll know your way around if you want to watch it in order, thanks to oreocookie1169 from crunchyroll who uploaded all 6 eps ( hopefully the remaining 9 eps will be uploaded SOON. lol )

as you can see on my other post, i've included a picture of Eun Chan and Han Kyul kissing, it was actually one of the episodes I liked the most. just one of them. there are other very Kilig scenes i have liked as well, but those are not in youtube or even crunchyroll, as these scenes belong to different episodes. but then I found something on crunchyroll which says "Yoon Eun Hye & Gong Yoo- Coffee Prince- "Let's Get It On", I was actually attracted to the word "let's get it on" because it reminded me of a scene where Han kyul went back to the coffeeshop where Eun Chan was, and that was when Han Kyul decided to give in to his feelings...

Going back to the video I found in crunchyroll, it consists of all the romantic scenes I really like in the series. I am just so glad I've found it. But then the one in crunchyroll, i cannot put here like those vids from youtube so i asked the author of the MV if that same movie is in youtube and maybe i just couldn't find it. Fortunately she replied to me with the link in youtube. Thanks
jnccrs2 !

watch this video. the video is so romantic and the audio is really sexy.

Yoon Eun Hye & Gong Yoo- Coffee Prince-"Let's Get It On"

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jnccrs2 said...

Hi Pia,
salamat sa pag promote ng MV ko sa blog mo.
This is jnccrs2:) Filipina ka rin pala. Small world:)
Coffee Prince is so amazing, I already bought the DVD, watched it so many times but I still can't get the coffee prince addiction out of my system.
I hope CP is getting good rating in the Philippines.

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