Saturday, January 5, 2008

Those were the days...

These past few days naguumpisa na nanaman ako ma-bore. Sa life, trabaho. Well, most especially sa trabaho. Its like I wanna have a change of environment na naman. E ako masama ako magkaganito. Kasi pag ganito ako, nagreresign ako bigla sa trabaho ko! hehe. Pero....
wala pako savings so ako rin mahihirapan pag basta na lang ako mag resign. Kaya wag na....muna.

i miss all my team mates in ICT

Wala lang. I just wanna post our pictures here. Narealize ko wala pakong nilalagay na picture sa blog ko. E since i miss my friends in ICT mga pictures na lang nila yung ilalagay ko... Yun kasi yung first job ko. i mean that's where i first worked. Bakit ganun, kahit di naman perfect yung first job mo or employer mo, they'd have a very soft spot in your heart no? yung tipong kahit san ka mapunta hahanap hanapin mo yung klase ng mga friends who you've gained from your stay there. Ako kasi, I can't help it na laging i-compare yung ICT sa company na pinagtatrabahuhan ko ngayon. Or it it because i just miss all my friends there?

PSG team wave 1
from the left : donald,me,shan,park,ana
down: brian and mike

jesse with the vtech phone handset :)
i miss jesse

this picture was taken when i had just bought my new camera phone (then)
kaya super picture kaming tatlo! :)

erin, me and anime
i miss our chikahan sessions within the shift. the best sa kadaldalan si
amime... very masipag also. she was studying, then reviewing for board exam,
working, irate agent :), while trying to be her best as single mom to a very cute baby boy.

anna and mike now in north hollywood, ca and singapore (respectively)
miss you loads!!!!

bench, newly adopted PSG agent
picture taken halloween of 2005
a very very funy person
siya yung pagalagala sa floor ng nakamedyas lang na... how do i describe it?
the kind na kanya kanya ng something yung toes nya, yung medyas so that yung "fingers" nung paa mo hilahilaway... :)


mike. the supervisor. the sleepyhead! :)
don't get me wrong. inaantok lang talaga siya niyan. the best superior you can ever have.
very funny. very cool.

anime and me

my beloved station where i do most of my job
as a research advisor. naks! do i sound important ba?!?!

me and junie
one of my closest friends in ICT. i hope to see you soon.

this was a stolen shot. i think this one was taken by erin
i think this was Dec 2005

anime. at the elevator. scary huh?

one of the last photos taken before mike left for singapore

in the bus on the way home with mommy miles and erin
taga laguna kami lahat! :)

these last two pics were taken at anilao, batangas. this pic was taken by Aris, the chef ( oh my gosh, he cooks so good. back ribs..yum!yum!)
those bamboo sticks
were supposed to be a design for that scenic place. next thing i knew nahugot na ng sobrang
makukulit kong ka-teams, sa pangunguna ng supervisor namin na mas makulit!
i just miss them sooo sooo much. i miss the spontaneity. i miss the "devil may care" attitude.
i miss everything. it was so much fun having them. it was fun, it may looks while we were just playing, but oh men, we mean business.

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