Thursday, November 6, 2008

...I will remember you. Will you remember me?

I would always wonder if you have ever remember it was my birthday last 4th of November?

If you did, did you even greet me even if I could not hear it?

Do you still remember me? Think of me? or what you told me before you left?

Do you still love me?

or remember what you used to feel about me?

I was in a mess.

I didn't know I will ever be able to fix. I was so hoping you would call then, because I knew you are the only person in this world who can help me clear things out.

But there were no signs from you. It's OK. I understand. I know the situation. I just hope that I won't find myself in that situation again... But if faith played with me again, and if i happen to be in that difficult situation again...

I hope to feel your hands when I try to reach out for help,

or i'll never know if I will again find the right answer, or will I ever find the right way back to you.

Because it was so damn hard to be alone in that battle of confusion.


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