Sunday, October 23, 2011

For Your Information

I don't know if I'm naive or just plain STup*d. Hmmn. Im just so late with everything (even at work. lol)

There are just somethings which I discovered the past few days.

1. The major 1 is that I can post entries on my blog by email. How cool is that? Very cool ayt? (I will make a separate post about that)
2. I can send text messages from my Gmail account. That's 50 free text messages. Which comes in handy for emergency cases. Like when you're at work, and you ran out of load and there is no one na pwede ka loadan. Super  great! Compare to r360 which will give you free 5 SMS everymonth, gmail gives you 50 free SMS and when someone replied from your SMS you get 5 credits back. Goodtimes!
3. When you are at your office and you have no access to facebook or twitter but you can access Yahoomail then all you have to do is allow yahoo to connect to your facebook and twitter so that you still get updated with the latest statuses and tweets. There are still some restrictions but it is still better than not getting anything at all.  It's on the "UPDATE" tab right next to contacts, its pretty easy so I'm sure you'll find your way there.

I hope I was able to help you guys with these because It's been a  great help to me. I didn't know that these things are even possible in the first place but they are and I'm enjoying it! yey!

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