Thursday, April 26, 2012

First time in Miami

I wonder how difficult it would be to travel alone most especially to other countries?  I've tried going to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore but I was with my two best friends then and though we haven't tried backpacking before, it was actually fun because there were three of us. But traveling alone? That would be quite scary don't you think? What if you don't know where to go? What transportation to take? Where to get of the bus?What if you get lost?

You might be wondering already  why I'm quite concerned about it, It's because my sister is going to Florida next month and she is by herself, no one is even going to pick her up from the airport because we don't have a relative living in Florida.

I'm just glad that she got a Miami Shuttle. Now, I don't worry anymore because someone will take care of her going to her hotel. I'm pleased that we found about their shuttle. Part of their services is they see to it that they will be able to call her once her plane lands and after she retrieved her luggage. I don't think she's gonna be lost as they said that the Van will be just in front of the baggage claim area across the street, very easy to find right?

As a sister, nothing can compare to the relief I felt that she will be in good hands.  I really don't want to drive her to the airport in Manila thinking and worrying that she might get lost in Miami. Now, I'm even jealous that she is even planning some sightseeing as Miami Shuttle offers Miami Tours where she will get to see the whole city, a guided Boat Tour to the Biscayne Bay, and Miami Everglades Tour.

  I think I should ready my Visa so that I can come with her next time and enjoy Miami too!

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