Saturday, April 28, 2012

Can we give Claire another chance please?

Tonight would be the 1st Eviction Night in the PBB house Teen edition 4. Parang sa tingin ko nanganganib si Claire, buti na lang nominated din si Vince who I think has lesser followers than Claire. Don't get me wrong she isn't my favorite , and I know that she has some bad reputation inside the house and so as outside from what we have witnessed the first few weeks their season opened. 
Pero, I want to understand Claire and my gut feel says she isn't that bad. We have to understand her background to accept and fully understand teens like her and from what I have gathered, Claire's Dad abandoned them while her Mom was pregnant with her, worst later on her mom developed mental lapses. I realized that it would be too difficult to be in her situation with no father and figuratively no mother to take care of her. With all those things in mind, what do you think did it do to her? Ofcourse, it would definitely have some effect on her. She falls easily, she assume too much, she gets attached quickly, all prolly because of what happened to her in the past. She grew up in a not so normal family situation, compared to other teens inside the house, I don't think its fair to bash her just like that. Let's be fair and give her a chance.

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