Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Parabens on your personal effects

Ever heard of the word "Parabens"? I actually had a first encounter with it while I was researching for a kiddie toothpaste with no fluoride as they said that a big amount of Fluoride inside a child's body might lead to complications. I've always known Sansflou to be a Kiddie toothpaste but I find it quite expensive against my budget, then as I was reading from a Forum, one mama said that she didn't like Sansflou as that products contains Parabens. And that's what prompted me to research what Parabens is. Parabens are acually Preservatives that they use to prevent spoilage, and to prevent fungus from forming. Parabens are often used in products like Shampoo, Toothpaste, Lotion.

After learning about that, I avoided buying Sansflou all the more and decided to get Pigeon instead, but the downside of it is it tastes, ewww to my kid.  I didn't like it either. :) Then after sometime, I actually forgot about Paraben until I bump into some products which labels include "Parabens Free" then I realized that this Issue must be real. From then on, I started checking all products that we have, browsing swiftly through the back label just to scan ang look for the word Parabens. Mind you there are actually a lot of this, I mean lots of names.I just don't know the difference but I have seen labels with Ethyl Paraben,  Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben etc. Just look for the word Paraben and avoid that product please.

I've just recently tried using L'oreal Shampoo, I have tried the one in  white/red bottle and actually liked it, when I emptied the bottle that's when I remember checking the back  label and I was just soo very glad that it didn't have Paraben, then when I went to the grocery I couldn't find that particular kind of L'oreal Shampoo, so I just grabbed the Orange transparent bottle, then when I shower, I kind of looked at the back label and found that it has Parabens! Soooo disappointing!  Di ako mayaman kaya uubusin ko na lang muna yung isang bottle and I will never buy another 1 of that again. Until they  stop using Parabens on them. On a side note, the Total repair 5 ( in white/red bottle) is actually soo much better with my hair compared to the orange one. :)

So there, that was my story about Parabens. How about you?  How did you find out about it?

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