Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mystery Shopping in the Philippines

I've joined SatisFind.com before without doing the background check of whether they are legit or just plain scammers. It's been almost a year since I joined, and now they sent me an email telling me that they have a project around my area.. It was more like an invitation for me to apply for that project. I read everything and it looked easy to me. I thought the area that needs to be assessed in so near like 1 tricycle away. That near. Lol. :)

Being a mystery shopper is quite alien to me. Specially here in the Philippines, I did't know we have that here in the Philippines! Well, it's something new that I'd like to try and make money from.

This job enables us to make our voices heard big time, in fact they will even pay us just for our opinions. We can now be heard and they will definitely listen this time as they are losing money for nothing, if they don't take us seriously. 

With the company that is involved in that project, I feel 100% that it's legitimate. I know. But still I will blog about what happened after I have submitted my report. Michelle from SatisFIND.com is very friendly and accommodating. She responds to my emails very fast. I feel good about this new endeavor, I'm actually excited to do it already.

You can do your own background checking about SatisFind. And just an FYI, they are actually expanding this year to other countries as well.

SatisFIND is expanding outside of India and the Philippines this year! We are looking for Customer Experience Advocates based in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

In the mean time, you can sign up here if you want to Join them too like I did. Or If you have relatives in those countries mentioned above, you can refer them to register tobe a Mystery Shopper ( It actually sounded cool to my ears! Like playing detective,  you know)


  • You have to be at least 18 years old to qualify, male or female.
  • You may be employed, self-employed, unemployed, a student, retired or a full-time homemaker.
  • You don't have to have a degree or any special training or experience. We will provide you all the information you will need to prepare you for an assignment.
  • You need to have access to the internet, either in your home or in a nearby internet shop. All reports are sent via the internet through your personal account with SatisFIND.


  • Organized
  • Able to read and follow written guidelines
  • Observant
  • Able to remember details
  • Reliable
  • Objective
  • Flexible
  • Honest
  • Thorough
  • Can express observations and thoughts well in writing

Click the badge below to Register:


Anonymous said...

Upon your registration with their website, how soon did they gave you a project? Also, upon finishing the project, how long long is the waiting period upon getting the pay? And lastly, how long will you wait for the next project?

Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this looks interesting. May i ask, after registration in the website, how soon will they give you a project? then how long will the pay you? And lastly, how long will they give you another project?

Many thanks.


Mommy Ni Gabby said...

Hi Joy,
I signed up morethan a year ago and forgot about it already. Until satisfind emailed me about a project very near my place. They invited me to apply for that project. That became my first project with them. You basically have to apply for those projects. In my case, they probably emailed me because I'm in that area where a project will be held. That was around 3rd week of May 2012 and then I had three more projects with 5 days-2weeks intervals. I got the partial payment 2nd week or June. To date I haven't received the full payment yet. Will post an update here about that. :)

About another project--- If there projects in your profile, you have to apply for it and reserve a slot for yourself. If there aren't any, it could mean that there are no projects at all in that period of time

Viviene Tan said...

I agree that this is very interesting. I want also to register this mystery shopping, wishing someday I would be satisfied.

Michelle Patel said...

Thank you for mentioning SatisFIND in your blog! We just received an email from one of your readers interested to register. Mystery Shopping is quite a common practice here in the Philippines among those in the services industry like retail, banking and hospitality. It's just that it's supposed to be 'secret'/anonymous and details are strictly confidential, so not many people know about it. SatisFIND has been around since 2005 in the Philippines and is a member of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association, a global association of companies who conduct mystery shopping (http://www.mspa-ap.org/en/). We use real customers to give feedback on the service they experienced and guide companies on how to improve their service performance. Some of your readers asked about the timeline on receiving an assignment, we have projects every month but not all of our shoppers get invited because we match the profile of the shopper to the requirements of the project. Payment or reimbursement schedule is always given in the project brief before the shopper confirms in accepting the assignment. For other questions, please visit our FAQs (http://satisfind.com/about-2)
Thank you again! - Michelle Patel

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