Friday, May 18, 2012

What to do with Pay-to-Read/ Pay-to-Click sites?

Forgive me for assuming that you'd probably know what to do already..

So, let's start.. (disclaimer: these are just the facts that I have gathered through research and observation, please bear with me or with the technicalities)

These PTR/PTC sites are generally free. I guess this is what is currently "in" most especially in the US. All you got to do is sign up on those programs.. I have some programs listed here on my blog by the way.

After you have signed up and verified your email address (some do not require verification anymore), you may login to you account.

You can start earning by clicking on the tab which is usually called "surf ads" or "view ads"

Please take note that some advertisers/programs won't send you an email to notify you that there are new ads available in your account. So you will have to really logged in to your account to check if there are new ads or not. Usually what these programs are offering are pay to click or pay to read, but sometimes they also have pay to register/signup, pay to play, surveys, etc. you can try all those to increase your earnings.

In all honesty, I've signed up to a program before which I later found as a scam, (and that was never in my blog) If a program seems too good to be true, then maybe,its not true at all... according to what I have researched, if its paying you more that $.05 per ad, you can call that "too good to be true" already. Because what's normal is just about $.05 or $.01 for every ad that you will have to view for 30secs. There are some ads though which being offered for .25 Cents only, but viewing time is lowered to only 5-10 secs only.

If you're reading and haven't tried any of these before, you may start giving it a shot right now.

What I was thinking when I signed up for all these program is that, I am checking my email everyday. I use internet everyday. And I can check ads anytime I only want to check it. Why not try it, and see if it will really give me extra income. It's free anyway...

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