Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Free Ebook: Undead and Unwed by Mary Janice Davidson

This is the first installment of the Undead Series by MJ Davidson.

This would have to be the first book I've read about vampires being funny and all that.

MaryJanice Davidson was so witty on this book and Betsy was phenomenal. I had no interest with it at first but darn, it got me under hook, line and sinker.

Just a little back grounder about being undead-it is the state of being alive after being dead. Hahahah non-sense! :)

On this book, Betsy died but she also became Vampire which makes her Undead. That is. I'm sorry I'm such a lousy story teller. Anyway, back to Betsy---

As it turned out, Betsy happened to be the Queen of Vampires-- the good ones. I mean all vampires actually, but she is a good Vampire. She doesn't bite people. She stores blood on her fridge and drink from it from time to time. She doesn't drink that often. I guess that's one quality that sets her apart from all the other vampires.

Oh and I love the way she has a hard time pronouncing "s" when her fangs are elongated.

And I love her team up with the arrogant Sinclair. Their love for each other is very refreshing and funny, and sexy :)

This is a great book. I love it!

Click here to read the full version ***This link is no longer working as someone from MJ's group emailed me about this post. Sorry if I have offended anyone about this free copy. There are still a lot of other free ebooks of Undead Series you can find online.

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