Monday, June 11, 2012

Sharing Google Document

Today, just because I didn't get lazy and all,  I found another way on how I can maximize using my Google Docs. I'm prolly the person who uses this the most here in our office except my bosses. Lol

I'm normally using inorder to share my ebooks with you guys, since mediafire isn't accessible here in our office. Unfortunately for me, the IT people did it again succesfully..thanks to them CX is now blocked as well.

I've thought of utilizing google docs even before but I found it impossible as when I tried getting the link and use it myself, google was asking me to login first.

So I just disregarded of using Gdocs at all, until today. I have all ebooks of Undead Series by Mary Janice Davidson but I'm frustrated that I can't share it with you. Fortunately I tried using my personal email and I noticed the "No Sign-IN required" note in there which I'm not usually seeing when I'm on my work Email.

And just to share with you how I did it...

1. login to your gmail account
2 Access your google docs
3 Choose/check the file you want to share
4 Then click on share icon or the + icon

Then you will see the above pic when you click on SHARE.

If you want to share it click on CHANGE.

Then you will see this...

When you choose "Public on the web" anyone can access you documents. I think it will show up in google search results of you were to choose that one.
As for me, I opted for "Anyone with the link". I guess I still want to keep what little anonymity I've left on the internet. Since, I'm using that option, you can only access or get hold of that link by going through here. In my blog because this is the only place where I would put up those links.

There... You see that highlighted link in blue (above pic)
That would be the link to your google doc.

I hope I was able to help you with this. ♥

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