Thursday, October 18, 2012

Earn Online From Answering Surveys : Ipanel (With Proof of Payment)

I've just receive my first payment from Ipanelonline a couple of days ago...

I've been a member of Ipanelonline for more than a year now but I only took it seriously a couple of months ago. I've answered all the required survey about my home, cars, products I'm using etc which gave me approximately 1000 points in total. I tried referring people too which gave me additional 20 points for each referral. I've answered 1 business Survey worth 1500 points until I realized I have enough points for cashout.

I had about 3425 points when I requested for 3x 100PHP cash out. So now I'm back to building up my pints again until I can request atleast another 100PHP.

Here is the screen shot of the payment I received from them

I requested 3x100PHP so yes its approx 7USD. Yey!

I'm just so happy whenever I get paid.... It doesn't happen everyday :)

Oh and before I forget, let me just mention here that I like Ipanel compare to other survey sites because they have lower cashout. And most of the time it only takes 2-3 surveys before cashout. Like I said I had 1 survey before and it was worth 1500 points. So its like its worth 150PHP already.

Come join me in Ipanel! Click Here to sign up

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