Friday, June 17, 2016

Make money through AKLAMIO

One source of free money I found a few months back was Aklamio.  There are 3 ways how you can earn from it. By referral (by referring Aklamio) , by using the Cashbar (you get a certain percentage back if you were to shop via the cashbar, and lastly By recommendation which what I did where I recommended others to sign up and use one of the products being recommended by Aklamio.

Now, before we go any further, I would like to be honest that until this point, I was not  exactly sure how Aklamio made money through this. I got paid and I'm sure they got paid too.

Here is what I did. Of all the recommendations they have I chose PAYPAL. Why? Because its FREE. Now, I've had Paypal way back year 2008. When I signed up in Aklamio, I didn't have to make a new paypal account. I just connected my paypal account account and started recommending paypal to other people--- to the ones who do not have an account yet and to the ones who does and would like to do what I did.. so on so forth...
here is the link by the way.

My theory is that for as long as the person you recommend has a "sending" transaction on their paypal account then you would qualify for a reward.  All rewards goes through Paypal. they are the one who approves.

Here are other shops I recommend:

Western Union:

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