Friday, June 17, 2016

What is IPRN?

A few weeks ago, a friend a facebook posted her newfound online opportunity which is IPRN.  And I was like,  duh what is IPRN? So I tried to google and here is what I found:

IPRN stands for International premium rate number.  International premium rate service (IPRS) refers to internationally available telephone-based premium services. It is analogous to "900" or "976" numbers in North America, which always incur a recipient-defined charge in excess of regular call charges. Internationally, this service has been allocated country code +979.

It's vague I know. That's what I feel too. Like I don't understand anything from that Paragraph. But I did try very hard so basically what I gather from that is --these telephone numbers are expensive. If you were to compare it to a text message, these are the type of text messages you send whenever you're voting someone on American Idol or Big Brother wherein the Telco will charge you a big amount (as compare to regular text rates) and that amount will be Divided between the Telco and American Idol or BigBrother.

And there are businesses that usually gets these premium numbers. They have numbers that you may call and if you have the capacity to generate traffic for that number then they will give you commission. It's a good amount of money. But basically the problem here is to find the way on how you can call those numbers at a minimal amount (or free). This friend of mine cashed out 480euro after 2 weeks. wow. If there is anyone out there, who can teach me how to find the way to call those premium numbers. Please do let me know.. (that fb friend won't tell) Ciao!

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