Saturday, September 29, 2007

i will miss you...

Ako 'to... Mommy Ni Gabby at 6:00 PM
last monday my friend got term already.sobrang bilis. and i felt really bad that she was not even given the chance to resign.. oh my, she's gonna loose a lot. termination would mean no back pay and its already september. meaning she's stayed most of the yea in this company and yet she aint get anything at the year end. that was so bad. although im not defending her, coz whatever her reason was, it was still wrong. but even if she was wrong, if i were the team manager i would do everything in my power atleast to lighten her punishment from termination to forced resignation. i don't wanna judge our tm because i know it was hard for her just the same. but i don't really have any idea if she even attempted not to defend the agen but atleast "mapababa" man lang yung sintensiya. that was funny. i mean the terminology i used. weird. i am weird.

basta i still feel bad. we miss her. we love her despite what happened. and i sure hope she's here coz we miss her everyday.

i realized na sometimes, the intensity of pain due to parting really depends on the circumstances. like i had friends who resigned and we no longer work for the same company but it was easier to accept kasi choice nila na umalis. hindi napilitan lang. pero kung hindi naging maganda yung reason why you were forced to leave, ang hirap tanggapin.. we're not really the best of friends, we're not really super super close but i had a hard time accepting what happened to her. and the saddest thing is we can't do anything for her also. wala kaming say...

dear we miss you..



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