Sunday, September 23, 2007


just last thursday our team just delivered the most shocking of all news. one of us is under an investigation due fraud. it makes me sad knowing one of my team mates does fraudulent activities. i mean, come on, you gotta play fair! but then again, surprisingly i have an idea who that person can be. i know for sure it wasn't me because i just don't believe in it, know what i mean? how can you be happy if you know that you achieved those statistics or standing because you cheated. call me righteous but im just not the type of person whou would risk my credibility just because of some numbers or even money.

i was looking at that person while we were at the meeting room. that person was laughing all right but there were pauses in between those laughters and that person would just suddenly turned quiet. i mean i don't wanna judge that person right away. but i've heard some stories about that person before. person, person,person. i just don't wanna mention any name here. or even identify if its a he or a she, you know. i just don't want to hurt someone else's feelings, and besides its not confirmed yet. i just hope that that person won't get terminated. i hope that atleast he/she will be given the chance to resign, be it a forced resignation or not atleast, he/she can still resign so that person can still get his/her back pay or something.

right after we went out of the meeting room area i told that person " lam mo *** na-paparanoid nako.."

thats what i told that person even if i was confident that it wasn't me because who knows, for some freak accident or unexplainabale event it happened to be me??? but anyways, this is how that person replied..

"oo nga e. ako pa naman, book ng book pah naiiinis nako"

i heard it clearly. but i didn't comment on it. i was so afraid that it was like confirming my thoughts. and i was also afraid to asked her so he/she might just blurted it out and i wouldn't know how to handle the situation. but then isn't that a clear message that that person was doing some fraud bookings?

i just hope and pray for the best. i love that person she is my friend. i just love her and i just don't wanna give up on her.

i hope my team manager will have the guts to defend her though she is on the wrong side. that's what mothers do. they punish you for your mistake but they will not let go of you. ever.

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