Tuesday, September 18, 2007

my prison break in IHG

i have just completed our annual physical exam yesterday.. damn, i was nervous. it was actually our last day to complete that. the moment i got inside grepa life ( that is the clinic inside RCBC PLAZA) i immediatelly saw prison break. prison break, just to let you know is my crush in the office. (yuck, crush!) hehe.. of all people bakit siya pa yung makakasabay ko. i was really embarassed that he was there as well... so i guess that was the reason i didn't see him in the office upstairs.. he was supposed to login 1400 mnl, see i know his schedule.. anyways, going back to my embarassing moment, there on the lounge section of grepa life clinic was also the area where your blood pressure, height and weight are taken. O.M.G.

OMG talaga. as in super. kakahiya kaya... dyahe.

maybe he was thinking.. maybe she's highblood... oh, for sure she's just standing three feet flat... darn right she's wighing 200lbs.

OMG. its my own fault. i should've completed it last week. but hey, at the end of the day, i dont give a damn about what he thinks of me.


earlier this morning on my way to work i just happened to be seated next to the most abnoxious, chauvinist, ungentleman old man on earth. darn. he angered me alot. lucky him im not a war freak. i feel sad about meeting someone who was so selfish. i was seating on the bus and he won't even sit properly just to make me feel comfortable. hey! im paying alright. its not as if he owns the bus or something. he doesn't even own the seat so why occupy the entire seat? he should have paid for two heads so that no one will seat beside him. darn, some other men are just born that way. the moment i got off the bus i was cursing him to hell. im sorry but earlier i hope that his boss would find fault in him. i hoped that he trips while he was getting off the bus. i hoped that he'll have a bad day ahead. it wasn't well done of me, i know. but that's what you usually do in a situation where you can't do anything save curse that person silently. and you know what, after i've cooled down, i wanna take back everything i said. i know i just got unlucky earlier.

my buddy meann is still not showing up. i mean she's been gone for 3 weeks and i miss her and i have no one to talk to in the office. siya lang yung pareho ko ng luch schedule so i've been eating alone for quite sometine now. i hope she gets well real soon...

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