Tuesday, October 9, 2007

just how soon will you be able to recover over losing someone in an unacceptable circumstances?

i have been hearing this news about this influential lawyer having murdered someone over some pathethic vehicular disputes. i mean i had no idea that once i show up in the office two days later, i would learn that that person who has been shot was a dad of someone i know. i mean, that's quite remote. and isolated. and rare. and i feel really bad about it. losing your dad or any loved one for that matter is bad enough. but losing someone due to some "air headedness" is even more bad. its unacceptable. i can feel their pain really. i hope that martin and his family gets justice for their dad's death.

here is a news article clipping about that incident:

Pasig lawyer charged with double murder

By Kristine L. Alave
Last updated 02:40am (Mla time) 10/04/2007

MANILA, Philippines – Pasig City legal
department lawyer Manuel Hernandez Jr.
is facing double murder charges for
allegedly shooting to death two people
in Pasig City Tuesday afternoon.

He was accused of killing Edgardo
Canizares, 49, a Makati City resident
and contributor to Pahayagang Pinoy; and
Katherine Palmero, 27, a New Manila,
Quezon City resident.

Police said Hernandez, a city hall
employee and a nephew of Sandiganbayan
Justice Jose Hernandez, was charged
before the Pasig City Prosecutor’s
Office yesterday afternoon.

Pasig City police chief Sr. Supt. Frank
Uyami said witnesses “positively
identified” Hernandez and his vehicle.

Hernandez spent almost a day in the
office of the Pasig City police
investigation division. Police said he
conferred with his relatives and
lawyers. Hernandez, however, has yet to
give the police his side. He also
refused to talk to the media.

Uyami said the accused refused to
undergo a paraffin test Tuesday night
and signed a waiver at the laboratory.

Police arrested Hernandez in his
residence in Barangay Kapitolyo. The
incident that occurred around 1:30 p.m.
Tuesday allegedly was a case of road rage.

Investigators said Hernandez’s Toyota
Corolla vehicle and Canizares’ Nissan
Cefiro almost collided on Gen. Ros St.
at the corner of Shaw Boulevard.
Witnesses said the two argued and
Canizares yelled insults at Hernandez.

Hernandez allegedly took a gun from his
car and fired at Canizares. The victim
sustained four shots and died on the
spot. Hernandez then shot Palmero, who
got out of the car. She died while being
treated at the Medical City Tuesday

Police said they traced Hernandez
through his car’s plate number
(UEP-457). Hernandez did not resist
arrest. But the police has not found the
.9 mm gun used in the shooting.

Apart from two counts of murder,
Hernandez could be charged for violation
of the Commission on Election’s gun ban
related to the coming barangay and
Sangguniang Kabataan elections.


mark said...

what those 2 doing in Pasig anyway, to hurry to check in?

wink said...

i really dont care what they were doing or where they were going. the fact that he was shot without batting an eyelash is unacceptable.

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