Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I found a stay-at-home job

Finally, I have landed myself a work-at-home job. I dunno, I think I have changed a lot since my ICT days. And right now is the time of my life that I'm working the hardest. Really. I have a full-time day job and I also have a part-time job at night. I am working as a Virtual Assistant right now. I am still getting myself comfortable with the job, considering that I have no secretarial experience or what not. But I'm having fun. I also feel lucky that my Boss is very cool and considerate.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

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Looking back, two years ago, I couldn't imagine myself sacrificing this much. Working the entire day, hurrying back home, login to computer, put on the headset make some phone calls (....again. since that is the same thing I do at the office, but not much really when I'm home. Just a few actually...for right now). I hope I'll do better at my Virtual Assistant role in the coming days. But I'm really glad I found Odesk, because it gives me the chance to earn more without leaving home. I am so much of a homebody to get a second job somewhere else that would require a couple or more commuting, I have so much of that since college and even until now, traveling back and forth from Binan to Makati, and Binan to Sta. Mesa and (vise-versa) when I was still in College. 4 out of my 24 hours, I'm on the road ( but not driving my own car. :) ), I don't want to spend another hour to go another place for my second job, I just want to head back HOME.

I am probably getting older. Lol. Really, I think of a lot of things right now. Future. PARENTS. And that is A LOT, I tell you, just thinking about it, and worrying what's instore in the future.. jeez, I feel tired already. For the past year, I have felt alone. And an only child. But I'm not an only child, so that's the problem. When you feel that Big responsibility in your shoulders and no one's sharing it, it feels heavy specially when you know that someone should be sharing that with you. I'm just so glad she's back. I feel better now. Pressure still there, coz even if she's back, I'm not sure if we have the same goals and plans for our parents. I hope she's thinking about them too. But I'm feeling more better compare before. My parents, they are not really dependent on me, because they still have their own income. But I don't want them to work anymore, our lifestyle isn't luxurious, we can't afford to be luxurious basically. But we probably have a little of a lot of things, but not luxurious. Maybe that is what's missing. I wanna treat them to a fancy restaurant. I wanna save enough money so that I'll be able to buy them Plane ticket to Hong Kong, do a little shopping, go to Disneyland. It really sounds simple and probably shallow, but I wanna do it for them. Because I know, even If they can afford it, they won't do it for themselves. I think about giving them these little luxuries, Because I know they never get to enjoy the money they were earning before, since me and my sister were both in school. It' s now Payback time right? But I don't have enough, that's why I'm working extra harder right now. And what I'm really planning is to save up everything that I'm earning in Odesk until I have enough for house renovation because we're gonna be moving maybe by the end of this year. I'm planning to have Singapore "tour" hehe. I just want to go out of the country. Just a short short break then I'm gonna save up on something else, for my parents "luxuries". I am really praying to GOD, it won't take me years. :) The money that Im currently earning goes to all the bills we have to pay, monthly rentals, electricity, mortgage, etc.. ANd that is just a few of what I'm worrying about. What about the future? I'm worry freak, I know. But these are just my short term goals... I'm really hoping to get another project in Odesk. Something that I can do at my own time convenience, at least I can do it during the weekend.. I'm praying.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Guys, I f you want to try this just click on the banner ( you'll be my referral, lol, then click on "create an account" then there'll be three radio buttons there, if you are looking for a job, click on "freelance provider".

It took me awhile before I found this work-at-home job. I've been doing a lot of researches about stay at home jobs, most of them they will post jobs on the internet saying it's a stay-at-home kind of job, but once you applied you get this long email with all the instructions, including the amount you will have to pay for training and what not. Really? Do we really have to pay right away? My common sense told me that It was a scam. The hassle of investing money on the internet if there is not any Platform to protect you is that there is nothing that can guarantee you a refund if in case they didn't remain true with what they were offering you. I have a friend who tried paying $30.00 for a data entry job, but all she got was E-books, she said it was very Educational, but then she wasn't given any job. JUST E-BOOKS. And this particular company, or website promised a refund with in 30 days, but they didn't issue any refunds anymore. So who is at the losing end there. My friend said it's OK, but in Philippine Peso $30 is not OK, thats equivalent to about PHP1500, and that would mean probably 2 days worth of earnings of a person working somewhere in Makati. And 4 days worth of earnings of some working in a Provincial area. It is still a hard earned money to be lost that way. Too bad.

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