Friday, April 11, 2008

Trying out Krispy Kreme

I have planned on buying Krispy Kreme since last week since it's been famous here in the Philippines for quite some time now, so I thought I'd
give it a try. I only know that it was located somewhere along Ayala Ave. and from the conversation that I heard last week, It's located near "Standard Chartered", So After I got out from the office, I just decided to head towards Ayala Ave. rather than to just get on the Bus to LRT. So I started walking, I heard that its only "2 underpasses" away from RCBC Plaza.... But after I have Passed the second underpass and I was way past Standard Chartered, I was starting to loose hope.. :) I was thinking, Have I walked past it and didn't notice? Which I doubt because I was really looking intently for the sign. Then came the 3rd underpass, ( I have no choice. Im in Ayala. I can only, walk forward. If I go back, I'll probably have to walk half of the stretched of what I have already traveled and cross the road to get a transport to LRT.) And a few more walking, there I saw a sign that doesn't say "Krispy Kreme" but something else. I've got a blurred vision, I had to turn back because I walked past it already when something inside me said that it was what I was looking for. ( Thanks to the colorful interior that can be seen from the outside which gives me the feeling that it was actually " Krispy Kreme"). It was when I turned back and literally read the sign, that I have noticed, it was only then that I have noticed that the name "Krispy Kreme" was there. The store's name wasn't actually that but something like "Chill" or "Chillers" I think or something that starts with a "C". LOL. :) I didn't really pay any attention at all. It's very hot in this time of the year here, so I was really tired from walking. :)

I decided to buy a dozen doughnuts and brought it Home.

Mama, was so wierd. The very first one she decided to try was the New York Cheese cake. I guess she got overwhelemd with its fillings, very thick, so she started scraping it out. LOL. Is scraping the fillings out worth my money?!? Tsk. But me, I enjoyed it.

This is the Origianl Glazed Doughnut. LUvet! :)

I also like this one. Caramel Kreme Crunch.

There's also another one which I really liked. Glazed Raspberry filled.

Good Buy. More expensive than Go Nuts, but Krispy Kreme's bigger (?) :)
But I still like GoNuts. Their Donuts look really simple, but when you eat it you get this satisfied feeling. Krispy Kreme is, no doubt equally delicious, but something overwheelming with the thickness of the fillings. I liked Raspberry because it's in a form of Jam.
Me likes it!

Oh by the way, here are the store address just in case you haven't tried it yet, just in case you decided to go for a walk, you won't get lost like me. :)

Flagship Store
Now Open!
Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio, Global City
Taguig City

4th Store

Now Open!
Cinema Level, TriNoma
Quezon City
2nd Store
Now Open!
SM Megamall
Upper Ground Floor, Building B
Mandaluyong City
5th Store
Now Open!
Mall of Asia
Main Mall, Ground floor
Pasay City
3rd Store
Now Open!
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila
6th Store
Now Open!
Ayala Avenue
(Ground floor, Jaka Building)
Makati City

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Portia said...

Yup,i love this too and many people are getting gaga over it.hehehe.i've guess am one of them.thanks for featuring it.well-done!

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