Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jason Castro's Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I don't really watch American Idol. Well, ok fine I do, but depending on my availability and my MOOD. Earlier I just happened to be slouching on the sofa when I chanced upon American Idol, too bad Ramiel (who is a Pinay) lost last week ( so I heard), then this guy named Jason Castro sang "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" This is classic and it has withstand the test of time and rough competence, this song remains here. Never forgotten. But I never expected that a song almost a nursery rhyme will be used as a piece in a singing competition. But oh boy, what a song. It was amazing. The kind which brings you back memory lane with a twist. Very very good. Really like it. It's like an old song we all are familiar of, something we grew up with, but listening to it, the new version, Jason Castro's version to be more specific--- coz I heard the original singer just now who made that version.. that's good also by the way.. but Jason's---amazing. It must be the guitar. lol. :) It must be the guitar. The very cute guitar.

Oh Gosh,

I'm in love. :)

I'm supposed to put the song here on the side bar but it doesn't buffer that fast, as soon as has the codes Im gonna be putting that song here, and I'll probably say goodbye to Michael Buble for now... lol.

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