Thursday, July 17, 2008

Plane Ticket: Done!

Last saturday, Erin And I have booked our flight to Kuala Lumpur and back. Luckily umabot pa kami sa promo ng Malaysia Airlines.. or shall I say, I'm lucky kasi umabot pa AKO sa promo. :)

We intended to book it last Friday but I think the MH website was down so we were unsuccessful then.. Then Saturday morning right after our shift, we went ahead and booked our plane tickets. In MH, one way to KL would cost 91USD if you're lucky enough to catch their promo. Three mos ago it was only 79USD. Two mos ago it was 89USD. A week ago it was 99USD. Then the promo ended last Sunday JULy 13. We we're supposed to book all three of Us at the same time but whenever we were putting in 3 adults, the total would always come out as 500+ USD. So we thought, we might as well book it individually. We tasked Erin to book our Flight, since your's truly have done her share on extensive researching already.. (hehe) , so I asked her to book her own ticket first because she's too familiar already with her own personal details before she book mine and Maricon's... but since she was unable to book it last friday and we were together naman the next day, I went with her. Since I was with her, the tendency is that I go first. (as usual. Oh dear I should know better. She was afraid she'll mess up her booking! HEHE) .
I booked mine. Done. With all the taxes it's about 101 USD.

Then when it was her turn to book her own, the total went to about 198 USD. Don't know what happened. We even tried to use a different computer with different ISP. no LUck.

I was also in a panic kasi there'll be a tendency na mag Tiger na lang sila or AirAsia. KAsi 200USD is already the amount of a two way ticket, sobra silang mamamahalan... But still, trying to be brave, I told Erin to think about booking MH kasi it;s so expensive na nga. Then right after, in split seconds I made a decision that I can GO ALONE. They can go to Clark instead and that's OK with me, But Erin chose to Book MH no matter, even if it's 200 USD one way because she was afraid to fly with just herself and MAricon. HEHE. Parang sayang ang money lang kasi... but anyways maybe luck wasn't on our side then.. Then we booked Cabu Pacific for our return Manila from Singapore.

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