Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Boo

I really can't stay mad at him. Just the other day I went out to see him. We talked as if nothing happened. Well, parang ala naman talaga nangyari e. :) I learned on that day that he wasn't really giving up like what I thought.. Oo nga naman sinabi nga naman niya sa text "basta ako nandito lang lagi para sayo".. yun pala ibig sabihin nun. Funny but a day after we saw each other I feel weird again like I want to get back together with him. If I'll be honest with myself, that is the truth. Drat. Here I go again, the Hope thing. Damn.

He even told me that "3 years..."

He meant that after three years he want me and him...

Eto na naman siya.. acting as if I didn't break up with him... if only I can turn back on my words again.. kung pwede sana mag pretend din ako na hindi naki pagbreak... coz, damn i wanna give it another shot.

And ganda sana sa pakiramdam. Na merong taong gusto kang makasama kahit hindi pa niya alam kung ano ang mangyayari bukas.. Ang sarap pakingggan na merong taong inaanticipate ang "three years later" na kasama ka... Pero pero pero, BUT WHAT ABOUT THOSE DAYS INBETWEEN NOW AND THREE YEARS LATER? How can I see the future if we can't even fix our relationship now... Hindi naman pwedeng blangko yung relationship namin tapos to be continued na lang after three years.. know what i'm saying? Kung ngayon na andito lang kami pareho sa Pilipinas hindi constant yung commnunication namin, anu pa kaya pag umalis na siya... and I really can't carry on like that. I want somethin REAL. CONSISTENT. CONSTANT. COMMITMENT. Im not getting any younger and I can't put my life on hold to something that is not there... I don't mind waiting. I can wait. But I can only wait for someone who is in love with me...

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